James (Jim) Newport is a writer and Emmy-nominated Production Designer for both film and television. The fourth book in the popular Vampire Of Siam series, 'The Siamese Connection' has just been released with his alter-ego and blues shouter 'Jimmy Fame' having a new CD named 'Wanted Man', which is a collaboration between Jimmy & Australian guitar legend Colin 'illy' Hill. It was recorded entirely on the island of Phuket, Thailand at Legend Music studios.

Production Design
Film credits for James William Newport include 'Bangkok Dangerous', 'Brokedown Palace', 'The Stepfather', 'Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams' and 'Heart Like A Wheel'. In television he has set the 'look' for many series by designing the pilot episodes of 'The Lyon's Den,' 'The Shield,' 'The Education Of Max Bickford' and 'China Beach.' His work on "The Piano Lesson" for the Hallmark Hall Of Fame was nominated for an Emmy in Art Direction. In 2007 he took over the design of the award-winning TV series 'LOST'.

Jimmy Fame has toured with artists such as Eric Burdon & The Animals, Jimmy Witherspoon and Robben Ford. As a song writer he's written songs for The Animals, Eric Burdon, Jim Altman, 'Doc' Nemo & The Young Marquis and John Sterling. In Thailand he's performed with Rich Harper, The Prodigal Sons, Cannonball, The Soi Dogs, Dr. Blues, The Blues Junkies, the Groove Doctors, The Rockin'Angels, Andy Gonzales and, most recently, the Colin Hill Band. He is a regular performer at the annual Phuket International Blues Festival.

'Wanted Man' is the latest CD from Jimmy Fame. It is a collaboration between Jimmy & Australian guitar legend Colin "illy" Hill. It was recorded entirely on the island of Phuket at Legend Music studios.

"This is a collection of songs that I've wanted to record for a long time. There are two originals, a few old chestnuts such as Eve Of Destruction and If I Were A Carpenter, two from the wonderful singer/songwriter Tom Russell, one from a dear departed friend Jonnie Barnett, and a couple of blues (of course.) The CD is a departure from the rockin' blues that I'm more known for locally." JF

Jerry Hopkins - Rolling Stones reporter and author of the Doors biography No One Here Gets Our Alive said "…it's as if Jimmy Fame has moved up the road from Memphis to Nashville."

'TINSEL TOWN' - Another Rotten Day In Paradise, is a novel based loosely on the author's own experiences in the early years of his film career. TINSEL TOWN doesn't gloss over the cracks in the scenery, the grit, the stench, the plain old fashioned blood and sweat that making movies is really about. It gives the reader a glimpse into what it was like to enter this privileged arena in, arguably, its most exciting time. – the wild & woolly Easy Rider days of independent filmmaking. A non-stop party.

'CHASING JIMI' is a rock 'n' roll period piece. It spans one year - the summer of 1966 to the summer of 1967. From New York's Greenwich Village to Swinging London to the stage of the Monterey Pop Festival. It follows the ascension of one Jimmy James (Hendrix,) a struggling back-up guitar player, to the exalted throne of Rock-God super stardom. As the Jimi Hendrix Experience gains recognition, Jimi's past associations throw their own stumbling blocks in his path. Contracts signed by him as a hungry studio session musician surface. Jimi's management team are able to put out most of these fires, but one particularly sleazy New York record 'producer' refuses to be bought out, and even goes so far as to send a couple of Brooklyn 'wiseguys' to London to bring back his artist. CHASING JIMI is The Sopranos meets The Beatles.

The 'VAMPIRE OF SIAM' series is an epic tale that spans half the globe and a course of 150 years.

In 'THE VAMPIRE OF SIAM' (Book 1) a nineteenth century explorer, Ramonne Delacroix encounters an ancient Chinese demon in the temples of Angkor Wat. His subsequent nocturnal transformation leads him to the capital of Siam where he witnesses the coronation of kings and the city's metamorphosis into the modern day sin-city of Bangkok.

Living the life of the lone hunter for the first 145 years of his incarnation as a night stalker, the vampire is reborn in 'RAMONNE' (Book 2) and eventually seeks to know the true extent of his powers. As he learns, he evolves. By the second book's end, the Vampire's strength is enormous and he has control of the true magic he has been vested with.

In 'THE RECKONING', (Book 3) armed with this new-found knowledge, Ramonne seeks the source of his powers and journeys back to Cambodia and the ancient temples to a fateful encounter with Zhoupeng – the mighty devil who "turned him" so many years before. Ramonne vows to put an end to his reign of evil over the poor land.

'THE SIAMESE CONNECTION' is the 4th book in the series. It begins in Bangkok 1947, shortly after the end of WWII and the occupation.

The vampire, Ramonne, becomes involved in a quest for a mysterious artifact, stolen and hidden during the war by the Japanese. He joins forces with famous American expat – Jim Thompson (before he was the 'silk king,' Thompson was an OSS agent.) The tale continues in modern day Bangkok, picking up where The Reckoning (Vampire Of Siam #3) left off. It is a fascinating historical mystery and serves as a vehicle to "relaunch" the Vampire Of Siam series.

Throughout the three books, Ramonne's fate is inextricably entwined with that of Martin Larue – wealthy American ex-pat. Drawn to each other by mutual admiration and fascination, they eventually end up relying on each other to sort out the twisted path they find themselves thrust upon. Together they face vampire-hunters, corrupt cops, opium dens, bordellos, blind fortune-tellers, jealous lovers, terrorists, suicide-bombers, smugglers, warlords and soul-sucking demons.

All are published by Willat Publishing and distributed by Asia Books.

Film rights to The Vampire Of Siam have been acquired by Nu Image/Millenium Pictures and the screenplay Sympathy For The Devil has been written by Newport, adapting from his own novel.

All books are available at all Asia Books & Bookazine stores. Signed copies of all books and CDs are available from the author. For more information please click here.

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